VIDA Awarded HALAL MUI Certification

6th November 2017

One of the Most Important International Health Food Certification

Vida was issued HALAL MUI Certification from” The Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs And Cosmetics, the Indonesian Council of Ulama”LPPOM MUIat Taitra Kaohsiung Office on 18th Oct. .

Director LPPOM MUI Lukmanul Hakim said: Many Taiwan enterprises ask them to apply for the HALAL MUI Certification , he hopes the cooperation between Taiwan and Indonesia in HALAL MUI Certification will contribute the trade of both sides in the future.

Vida Phytochemical juice won the HALAL MUI Certification, one of the most important international approval of healthy food, it means the whole production line including sources, manufacturing, packaging, storage and delivery of products conforms to safe, legal and hygienic standard. Vida insists on high quality and healthy lifestyle, the strict HALAL MUI Certification strongly attests to this.

Over 1.5 Billion Muslim Eat HALAL Certified Food Every Day

According to statistics there are over 1.5 billion Muslim in global and they have to eat food with HALAL Certification every day for religion. The word “HALAL” means “legal ” in Arabic ,it represents the conformity to Islamic Shariah. People who are not Muslim would like to choose HALAL food is because those food are healthy, safe and pure. Therefore it’s also a great reference for normal consumers to select products.


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